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Bill Clarke is an attorney and lobbyist in Olympia, Washington representing clients on legislative, regulatory, and legal issues. His government affairs practice focuses on lobbying the Washington State Legislature and state agencies on a variety of policy and budget matters. His law practice emphasizes water and natural resources, utility, and local government issues. Bill represents business, government, and non-profit clients. He often works in collaboration with other attorneys, lobbyists, and consultants to develop strategies and solutions in all branches of government.

Bill is a native of Washington State, and is a graduate of Whitman College in Walla Walla and the University of Montana Law School in Missoula. He previously clerked on the Environment & Public Works Committee in the U.S. Senate, worked for major trade associations and a Seattle-based law firm, and was a member and Chair of the Washington State Pollution Control/Shorelines Hearings Board. He established his own law and lobbying firm in 2007.

Government Affairs

Bill represents clients in the Washington State Legislature on a variety of issues such as taxes, land use, real estate, utility regulation, energy, local government, and budget matters. He assists clients in analyzing legal and policy issues, developing effective legislative strategies, and in monitoring and addressing proposed legislation.

Environmental and Land Use Permitting

From individual homeowners to large project developers, Bill assists clients in obtaining a variety of land use and environmental permits relating to water rights, water system planning, storm water, land use, shorelines, and other matters. He works closely with environmental consultants, engineers, and other attorneys to develop permitting strategies that navigate local, state, and federal permitting requirements.


Environmental and land use matters often involve appeals to defend permit approvals, challenge permit denials or improper permit conditions, or address enforcement and compliance issues. Bill will appear before administrative hearings boards such as the Pollution Control Hearings Board, Shorelines Hearings Board, and Growth Management Hearings Boards, as well as superior and appellate courts.

Regulatory and Legal Affairs

In addition to the State Legislature, Bill's government affairs work also includes the executive and judicial branches of government. He works with clients as agencies interpret and implement laws through policies and rule making, and also advise them on cases of importance moving through the court system. This work often involves legal research, analysis, and development of materials to develop legislative proposals, educate policy makers or industries, or simply to better understand developing regulatory and legal issues.

Bill Clarke